PReS Connect

Optimised and automated output for the production market

Today, consumers want to choose how they are contacted; they expect to access information instantly and on-demand using the device of their choice. While printed output still plays a significant role in official communication, additional channels are called for.

Successful businesses must adapt if they want to maintain and grow their customer base. One important means to achieve this is to add value to business communication and distribute it in a format that meets the recipients’ preferences. This is where PReS Connect comes in: With optimised output that includes IPDS, the application facilitates producing high volumes of print, e-mails and web pages at high speed.

PReS Connect workflow

PReS Connect

PReS Connect

Print policies and rules

  • Choice of business document processes
  • Conditions trigger actions
  • Industry-standard print formats 

Product-based job processing

  • Dynamic delivery routines 
  • E-mail communication
  • Text messages
  • Online communication 
  • Improved print communication

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