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As a printing company you face a rapidly changing market with all the challenges of offering new services while lowering your costs and digital printing. We use our decade-long experience and our leading market position to provide you with specifically tailored, high quality printing solutions for your business needs.

The Accurio brand for all of Konica Minolta’s market-leading production printing systems and software reflects their advanced, automated and accurate nature: Key strengths and attributes include eliminating routine technology burdens and saving time, as well having less human touch that cuts down errors, waste and production costs.

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As the print and communications market continues to change, understanding how this will affect your production processes is paramount. You know your business and your clients; our dedicated team of consultants advise you on what opportunities exist that can create new innovation and wealth. Our portfolio entails consultancy services, infrastructure implementation and managed services. With our support, you can forget about your mundane operational tasks and focus on developing your business for tomorrow.



Your benefits

More profit
 – Our professional printing portfolio makes sure that you get the most out of your print room – that is why we spend all our R&D power to keep preparation times to a minimum and to avoid standstill as much as possible, accurately helping you producing more jobs per shift.


More efficient
 – Our portfolio is designed to help you to run your business most efficiently, it automates your workflow and lets you and your employees spend time only where it is really required and helps you to reduce overtimes.


More business
 – Konica Minolta´s solutions are an investment in the future, they are built to advance your business today and to stand out from your competition tomorrow – with new applications to secure your solid business.


More sustainable
 – Reducing manual processes and automating production steps on the one hand keeps away frustration and worries from your organisation. On the other hand it helps you reduce material and waste. With the background of Konica Minolta´s long-term plan towards a sustainable future – the EcoVision 2050 - you can be sure to rely on a competent partner who is willing to safe the resources of our planet.


Digital printing by Konica Minolta - 4 good reasons


Konica Minolta ranks NUMBER 1

…in terms of market share for Production Printing (32.5%) in Europe (Infosource 2016).


Over 40 Years
…of expertise in inkjet printers, Konica Minolta is leading the market of digital print-on-demand textile inkjet printers!


…commercial and industrial printing customers in europe.

Carbon Neutrality
With Enabling Carbon Neutrality you start offsetting the emissions that arise during printing with your Konica Minolta production device right away.

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